Elizabeth M. Eugenio

Client Testimonials

Panic, we found a house and needed to sell ours quickly. We had so much to do-where to start? Elizabeth came to our rescue! She guided us through one step at a time, selling our house in a matter of weeks. During the escrow process, she was behind us all the way, assisting with the smallest of buyer’s demands, always being there for us giving 150%. She made herself available and went out of her way to help. Such devotion to a job and caring for her clients is rare and appreciated.

Herb & Vida Kaufman

Because we live in the Bay Area, selecting the right agent to sell our property in Southern California was critical. Elizabeth Eugenio proved to be an ideal choice for our situation. Throughout the listing period, she took care of many small tasks that would have been very difficult for us to do from 300 miles away... paying a gardener who only accepted cash, arranging for a handyman to make minor repairs, having trash hauled to the dump, etc. Regardless of the situation, Elizabeth was more than happy to help, making the entire process smooth for us as absentee sellers. We also appreciated Elizabeth's quick responsiveness via email. We would frequently arrive home from work to find email status reports detailing exactly what she was doing to help sell our property. Every inquiry we sent was responded to promptly. Elizabeth was conscientious, thorough and dependable. We would be happy to work with her again in the future.

Wes and Heidi Wasson

Liz, I 'm glad to hear you are selling a lot of houses. You are such a great sales agent. You are always customer-focused and we found you to be so honest and most of all, very helpful in selling our home. It is rare to find someone who really cares for their client's best interest.

David & Geri Oliva

We were considering moving when Liz knocked on our door. We talked for a short time and quickly knew that we wanted Liz to represent us in selling our home. We gave Liz our new home search criteria and began to receive home listings via email. Liz always made herself available. We very much enjoyed getting to know Liz and had a terrific time working with her.

Jim & Kristy Perkins

My wife and I purchased our new residence with Liz's help, and within 3 months she was our agent selling our old one, in both cases to our complete satisfaction. That shows how much confidence we have in Liz and how comfortable we are with her. Liz is a classy agent: considerate, detail-oriented, persistent and tough if so needed. We would recommend her to all potential buyers and sellers in the area.

Yang Ye & Cora Ha

We wish to thank you, so very much, for your diligence in the sale of our house. You always made yourself available to us and communicated so nicely, all the way to the end. You are a real pro! Our house sold in less than six weeks at the asking price. You have a wonderful and quiet manner that soothes when the pressure is on. We are grateful to you.

Ralph & Anne Morrison

We found Elizabeth via the internet. Since we were already starting to look for a new home on the internet, we thought our future buyers were probably doing the same thing. Clearly, we needed an agent who knew how to market our home to the greatest audience possible and the internet can do just that. With Elizabeth's marketing skills working for us, we received a full-price offer on our home the first day it was on the market! And through her relationships with other Century 21 agents, Elizabeth arranged a private showing for us of what would become our new home, prior to it going on the market. She also went out of her way to keep our buyer happy while we were in the process of buying our new home.

Gordon & Carrie Hyke

First of all I must say Elizabeth has been a godsend to me. Initially when I was surfing the net looking for real estate I came across Elizabeth’s website and I was quite impressed. I would check the site over the next few weeks and I noticed that it was updated frequently. I made the decision to contact Elizabeth and see if she could help me with my real estate needs. I wanted a 2bd/2ba condo close to the Cal Poly, Pomona campus for my daughter. Elizabeth followed up my email with a phone call to discuss the specifics of what I was looking for. Elizabeth was very enthusiastic to help me with the process. We had one problem; I live in Northern California and really wouldn’t be available to see properties. I relied heavily on Elizabeth’s skills and knowledge to find a property that she thought I might be interested in buying. Elizabeth would take my daughter along to check the properties out, but I based my decisions on Elizabeth’s input because my daughter didn’t have any knowledge of real estate at all. Within a week Elizabeth had found a property and made an offer. I depended on Elizabeth for every aspect of the transaction. We communicated through email, phone, and fax. Within 30 days it was a done deal. The day I signed the closing documents is when I finally met Elizabeth and saw the condo I purchased. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the condo. It was exactly what I requested and the price I paid was under market value for that area. This transaction was totally blind faith in Elizabeth’s knowledge and expertise in real estate. Working with Elizabeth has been a GREAT EXPERIENCE and the service was OUTSTANDING. I will never forget everything that you have done for us.

Shari & Janelle Van Hook